Welcome to the NEW FireQuills!

As of JANUARY 2018, we are no longer actively breeding.

BUT, we will continue to be a rescue and rehoming facility and provide boarding services.

USDA License
FireQuills Hedgehogs & Supplies was founded in 2013 as a USDA licensed breeder of hedgehogs, focusing on breeding hedgies with a sweet and friendly disposition. In mid-2017, we transitioned away from breeding to focus on the new addition to our family, baby Bishop!

We welcome you to peruse our blog, Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube channel dedicated to our hedgie happenings. Please note that we are no longer breeding and only take in rescues in emergency situations.

For more information on our Hedgehog policies, please visit our Policies page.  To schedule a Meet and Greet, a Hedgehog Surrender, or a Boarding appointment, please click here.

WE NO LONGER HAVE A WAITLIST! Please use the form below to reach out to us.