Surrendering your hedgehog

Surrendering Your Hedgehog

If you need to find a home for a hedgehog currently in your possession, you’ve come to the right place.

Please fill out our: Surrender form

Sometimes finding a new, responsible, loving forever home for your quilly companion is inevitable. Children can lose interest. Sometimes a family no longer has the time. Perhaps a move into an illegal state and you just want to keep your hedgehog safe. Or maybe your hedgehog is sick and you want to find someone better suited to care for the illness. FireQuills can help make this a little easier by helping you to find the perfect home.

FireQuills is dedicated to helping hedgehogs of all ages, sizes, and dispositions finding forever homes.

Policies for surrendering your hedgehog:

  • A short information form will be requested. A description of temperament and a medical history will help us pair the hedgehog with the right family. We can email the form to you or you can fill it out on the intake day.
  • FireQuills does not compensate the owner surrendering the hedgehog. We do, however, ask for a small donation of $50 to cover the cost of vet bills, parasite treatment, food, and bedding while the hedgehog is here.
  • Any supplies, such as a cage and food, will be given to the new owner and not retained by FireQuills.  We greatly appreciate any and all donations for the hedgie.
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