Comparing hedgehog foods

Providing a balanced diet for your hedgehog is super important!  Proper diet can help fight illness and parasites attacking your little one, and can help prevent fatty liver disease and certain cancers. But how do you choose a good food? It’s all in the ingredients! 1st: Check the “Guaranteed Analysis” table. The Hedgehog Welfare Society […]

Nov. 16th Meet and Greet

FireQuills is having a meet the herd day today, Nov 16th, 9am-12pm. 154 Marquitos Dr. Kyle, TX. If you can’t come today but still want to meet the hedgies, let me know.

SPB Hermione

Yet more cute! Hermione has my favorite facial markings and she knows it!

Pearl absolutely LOVES this cat toy!

FHF Corpus Christy sure is cute!!!

Someone is becoming quite the camera hog! CC steals the show.

Vet Inspection, 2013

Our vet visit went superbly.  Dr. Singleton was very impressed with our set up and he even fell in love with one of our girls.  Guess who was our vet’s favorite? Miss FHF Corpus Christi! This beautiful girl is a leucistic with deep ruby eyes and a ton of personality. Thank you Happy Hogs for […]

Ajax has passed away

Ajax, our sweetest rescue and “Wild Texas Hedgehog” passed away yesterday. Ajax came to us after Denise found him in her backyard. An irresponsible owner had let him go, assuming he would be fine surviving outside. Unfortunately, Texas is not a suitable environment for a hedgehog and Ajax became very sick. Please, if you, or […]