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Happy Halloween from FireQuills!

HHT Helena Wayne is the next mommy to be. She has gained 22 grams since Thursday! She is due Nov. 18th.

Ajax is a dapper fellow in his mini top hat!

Meet our herd!

Meet our herd! These are the ladies and gentleman of FireQuills exploring the front yard play pen.

Four New Hedgehogs join our troup!

Today is a very exciting day! We will be bringing home FOUR new girls: Cajun (brown), Helena Wayne (dark grey), Pearl (albino), and Corpus Christi (black-eyed white). Don’t worry, pictures will be posted soon!

Meet HMT Cajun

Here’s our new HMT Cajun!!! She’s a big girl!

Squee Alert!

I was Rapunzel and he was my Prince. This is little Ajax, just waking up from a nap. And I guess my hair smelled really good!