Available Hedgehogs

We have suspended breeding for the time being to focus on our wonderful human baby, Bishop!

We will still be a hedgehog rescue and boarding facility.

Quick facts-

How to buy a FireQuills Hedgehog: 

Step 1: Read our policies page.

Step 2: Call for a list of available hedgehogs!

Step 3: Schedule a Meet and Greet to meet our available hedgehogs and find one that fits your family the best. If you have a cage set up ready at your home, you may take a hedgehog home at this appointment if you’d like.

Step 4: Schedule your hedgehog pick up. If you did not take a hedgehog home at the first appointment, this will be how to schedule your hedgie pickup.

How does the wait list work?

If we don’t have any hedgehogs available for immediate pickup, or you are looking for a specific gender/color/age of hedgehog not currently available, you may pay the deposit and opt to wait for the next round of babies. Once we do have babies available, I will email the person who has been on the wait list the longest to alert them that we have new choices along with a bio video of the available hedgehogs. When you receive this email, you may choose a hedgehog by emailing me back the name or opt to continue waiting. Please email us within ONE WEEK with your decision as there are other people waiting to choose, too. If you’ve decided to go with another breeder, let us know! We are not in competition with Janda Exotics, Firefly Hedgehogs, or Happy Hogs and are often referring people to each other when we don’t have available hedgehogs. We all work together for the betterment of the species.

Not sure a hedgehog is for you? 

Set up a Meet and Greet Appointment to meet some of our hedgies and get lots of info on owning a hedgehog. You can also read our Hedgie Care Sheet and our Hedgie Care pages. 

Available NOW Next Litters Rescues & Retirees
All rescues and retirees None planned LOTS!


  • Babies = $225
  • 3 to 6 months=$200
  • Adults 6 months-3 yrs. = $150
  • Adults >3 yrs. = $100
  • Rescues/Surrenders = $75 (un-pedigreed adults) unless otherwise noted


Please visit the Products Page for a list of supplies you can order for your baby, or feel free to check out our Facebook Page for regular baby updates and our Instagram for behind the scenes photos (mostly me and my funny colored hair, our special needs bearded dragon, and our rescued kitties!).

Unless otherwise stated, the new hedgie parents are expected pick up their babies from our facility. Other options include:

  • Shipping (only major airports) = hedgehog cost + $150.
  • Delivery (within 200 mi., including DFW, Houston, C.Christi) = hedgehog cost + 75¢/mile (min. $25) *and 2 weeks advanced notice if outside the Austin area*

Available Now

Please visit the Products page for a list of supplies you can order for your baby. Cage set up’s require AT LEAST a one week notice.

11 comments on “Available Hedgehogs

  1. How do you deliver the hedgehogs to their new forever families?

    • Our preferred delivery option is for new hedgie parents to come pick up their babies from us. We can also ship to most major airports for an additional $200. Finally, if you live within 200 miles of us (DFW, Houston, Corpus Christi, etc), we can arrange to deliver the baby for the cost of $0.25 per mile.

  2. For the wait list, would I still have a good chance to get a hedgehog? Or it being full, would just mean that i wouldn’t be able to get one in January?

    • Waitlist priority is set according to when your down payment is received and I try to alert you to your current position and expected litter you’ll be choosing from. Feel free to email us with a general question about the current length of our waitlist.

  3. I am very interested in purchasing a hedgehog. I would love to ask a few questions first, on owning and caring for a hedgehog. I will put a down payment on one as well. Please contact me at 972-921-4192. Thank you so much and I look forward to speaking with you.
    Wendy George

  4. I guess I am old school I prefer phone calls to find out what is happening as this is our first time doing this and I am not sure how the deposit thing will work for babies for your current litter, not sure if it’s full, so not sure if I should put a deposit down? I made an appointment on March 2nd but that is not the way to go, as you won’t have available babies….sorry just a bit confusing as to how to contact you.

  5. When are we able to see the available new babies 🙂 ??

  6. Are there any babies available in September/October?

  7. Do the babies come with anything, or are they sold as they are?

    • Hello Ian! All of our hedgehogs (babies and adults) come with a 2-week supply of food so the new owner can transition to their food choice or have some time before they have to get more food. They also come with a complimentary fleece to assist with holding the hedgehog, approximately hand-towel sized. For a complete list of the products you can purchase with your hedgehog, visit our products page here: https://firequills.wordpress.com/products/

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