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Hedgehogs are considered an exotic pet and becoming a hedgie parent is a big deal. We strive to find just the right match for each of our hedgies.

The requirements to pass the application process are:

1.) Assurance to be a forever-home within all reasonable means: a stable home includes longevity. Bouncing from home-to-home causes stress for hedgehogs, so new hedgehog parents must commit to lifelong ownership of the hedgehog barring exceptional circumstances. If your life circumstances change after you take home one of our hedgehogs, you agree to give FireQuills first priority in finding a new home, including taking back the hedgehog until a new owner can be found if needed.

2.) Assurance to provide a proper living environment:  a stable home includes environment.  Noise-level, other pets, cooler/colder temperatures, a small cage, and young children can be stressful for a hedgehog. New parents are expected to address potential environmental conflicts before receiving their new hedgie. READ OUR CARE GUIDE HERE

3.) Assurance of full disclosure of intent:  a stable home includes restrictions. Breeding hedgehogs falls under the USDA regulation of exotic pets and is a very serious affair.  Not every state or county permit breeding, and exotics require federal licensing under most conditions. In addition to this, female hedgehogs have a high risk of birth complications and infant-cannibalism, and often large medical costs. If you are thinking of breeding the animal or already a breeder, you must contact us before breeding.

4.) Acknowledgment of cost: a stable home includes fiscal responsibility. Our hedgehog babies cost $200 unless otherwise discussed. Adults receive a discounted price due to age, and rescue animals have a small rehoming fee because we cannot guarantee the animal’s full genetic history and health. FireQuills will fully disclose any health concerns prior to releasing the animal, and with few exceptions the new owners take full responsibility for ongoing costs or expenses related to ownership.

5.) Promise to become a hedgie ambassador: a stable home includes excitement and care. Because hedgies are unique exotic pets, we want every owner to show their friends and family just how special a hedgehog is. The majority of the United States have never seen a hedgehog in person, let alone held one! Every hedgie parent gets the unique experience of sharing hedgies with people for the first time.

And that’s it! To be added to the waiting list, fill out the contact form found on our home page and we’ll start the application process and sooner than you know, you’ll be a FireQuills parent!

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