Past Litters & Adoptees


EPP Perdita+ FQH Sugar Ray

SEVEN babies born

Perdita’s Girls

Perdita’s Son

HHT Greece + FQH Kirby

THREE Babies born 3/19/16

HBR Beach + FHF Sugar Ray

FOUR Babies Born 3/30/16

FQH Daisy + FQH Sugar Cube

FOUR Babies Born 5/4/16 

FQH Firefoot + FQH Charon

THREE Babies born 3/22/16

HBR Eowyn + FHF Sugar Cube

FIVE Babies born 3/20/16

FHF Mettle + FQH Sugar Ray

THREE Babies born 3/18/16

HHT Greece + FQH Kirby

THREE Babies born 3/19/16

FQH Eugene:

Eugene had a hard time growing quills but looks like any other hedgie now!  He is quite a unique color and he will be a beautiful adult! He loves running on the wheel and eating freeze-dried crickets. He is sure enjoying a cage to himself now that all his siblings have gone to their forever homes.

EXH Mal & HHT Beach

FIVE Babies Born!

All babies are $200 unless otherwise stated. Please visit the Products page for a list of supplies you can order for your baby.

EXH Mal & HHT Greece

THREE Babies Born!

All babies are $200 unless otherwise stated. Please visit the Products page for a list of supplies you can order for your baby.



DOB: 8/19/2012; retired in style! Thanks, Kristen!


THG Peanut – HBR Eowyn

Five Babies Born!

HBR Pinocchio – FHF Echo

Three babies born!

IMP CZR Rockin Robin- HHT Cheyenne

Four babies born!


THG Peanut – HHT Pearl

Baby Attwell


IMP CZR Rockin Robin – FHF Celine


FQH Katie Bell + EXH Malcolm

FQH Nimbus 2000

FQH Nimbus 2000

FHF Dash of Class – EXH Malcolm 6/2014

FQH Blondie and Dagwood


FHF Corpus Christi – HHT Harvey Dent 6/2014

HHT Marshmallow Fluff, Snickerdoodle, and Chocolate Chip



HHT Carrington – HHT Zatanna: 3 Babies Born 4/2013

FQH Ash, Brock, and Misty

HHT Pearl – FQH Jaq


HHT Cheyenne Freemont – EXH Malcolm


FHF Corpus Christi – EXH Malcolm


photo 2Zaphod

Age: Aprox. 2 yrs.

Temperament: A+   He’s a big teddy bear!

Reason: Zaphod’s owner developed a severe allergic reaction to sweet Zaphod and he had to be surrendered.  Zaphod’s very first owner was slightly abusive and his second owner worked very hard to soften him up!  He is a very sweet, very laid back dude who LOVES to cuddle.  He has also been neuderd, which is a very uncommon procedure for a hedgie to have gone through.  We still do not recommend him spending any time with the girls however as females often become more aggressive around males. He gets

BABIES BORN Nov 19th, 2013


Pile o babiesCH001F Perla- She’ll be staying with us! The loudest of all the babies, Squeek is a Charcoal Pinto.  When she is hungry, happy, mad, or just because, she lets you know!

CH002M Gus Gus- Gus Gus is an Algerian Silver coloration with 1 light badger stripe. He is the smallest of the litter, but always seems to be at the front of the action. Always mom’s favorite to carry around the cage, he has seen more adventure than his siblings! At heart, Gus Gus just wants to cuddle, and loves interaction with these gigantic beasts called “hyoomans.”

CH003F Suzy- The darkest of the bunch, she’ll be staying with us!

CH004M Jaq- like the famous oceanographer, Jaq is an explorer through-and-through. Cuddles are the last thing on his mind, he would rather play! He will most likely be an active adult, much like his father Codex. He is also a Silver Algerian, with a faint white stripe along the spine on his rear half.

BABIES BORN Nov 25th, 2013


FQH Luna3MK001F Charlie-  Charlie is a shy girl. Bristly-at-first, she needs some reassurance that she is in good hands. She will do best in a quiet, peaceful environment free from shenanigans. Once comfortable, she’s an extremely sweet girl, and just needs a little more coxing to engage.

SOLD! Neely MK002M Iceman- Ice Man tries to be the leader of the pack and, like his namesake, he’s one cool dude. Nothing scares him, but don’t let his cool demeanor fool you, he’s a cuddler at heart. Once he’s had his fill of adventure, a warm lap is the only place he wants to be.

SOLD! Vega MK003M Maverick- Darkest coloration of the bunch, Maverick was the first to open his eyes, first to leave the nest box, and first to eat solid food. Always in competition with his brother Ice Man (to find the next adventure), he is much more interested in exploring than “cuddling.” He will be an active little guy, just like his mother, and will enjoy a family who has time to share in his adventures.

SOLD! Cohen MK004M Goose- smallest of the litter, he is not sure if cuddles or exploring are better pastimes. He is perfectly content to curl up on a warm lap and fall asleep, or to rove about the landscape just behind his brothers. He’s a bit of a goof (a “silly Goose,” rather), and his relaxed personality always makes us laugh.

BABIES BORN!!! Dec. 12th, 2013


CC all the babies!Babies Available to Waitlist:

(Official Pick Date: Jan 16th )

MCC001M- Smudge (bios coming soon!)

MCC002M- Snowy (bios coming soon!)

MCC003F- Spot (Reserved for Breeding Stock)

MCC004F- Dot (Reserved for Breeding Stock)

MCC005F- Stormy (Reserved for Breeding Stock)

HMT Ragin’ Cajun

HMT-Cajun-StockAge: 1 yr 7 months (DOB: 6/17/2012)

Temperament: B average   Big girl with a big attitude!

Reason: Cajun just doesn’t like being a mom and will enjoy being a spoiled pet much more! She is a little shy at first but once she’s comfortable with you, she’s quite sweet.  She will do best in a home without loud noises or small children.

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