Rescues and Retirees

If you need to find your hedgie a new home, please go here.

FireQuills doesn’t just offer baby hedgehogs. We also have hedgehogs who are ready to retire in style. Occasionally, there are hedgehogs we are fortunate enough to rescue. Sometimes they are owner-surrendered, and sometimes they were lost and picked up by an animal control center.

All of them need a home.

With that in mind, please look over our list of rescues and retirees and see if you are a good match for a family:

Surrendered and rescued hedgehogs needing a forever family:

HHT Spitfire:

Sold in conjunction with Happy Hogs (Lubbock, TX) about two years ago, this feisty boy is available again. His previous owners took very good care of him, but found a hedgehog did not fit well into their family dynamic. Unlike most surrenders and rescues, this boy comes with a health guarantee provided by Happy Hogs!

FQH Alphonse:

We bred Alphonse in 2016 and he was returned to us a short time later. He is a very shy boy and will need patience. He does not like being handled but has never bit. He comes with our genetic health guarantee.

Adult hedgehogs ready to retire in style: $150 each or sold in pairs for $250

Faranth- DOB: 3/22/16, Color: Standard grey, Personality: Sweet but doesn’t like being abruptly woken up.

Luthien- DOB: 3/20/16, Color: Standard grey, Personality: VERY FEISTY, escape artist. Experienced hedgie parent requested.

RESERVED Roheryn- DOB: 9/18/15, Color: Standard grey, Personality: Sweetly feisty.

8 comments on “Rescues and Retirees

  1. What is the process that one has to go through to be able to rescue one of these hedgehogs that is available for rescue?

    • I prefer a phone conversation to discuss the specific needs of the hedgehog, if any. Our number one priority is to pair the right hedgie with the right human! You can also email us using the form on the home page to request more information. And, finally, you can schedule an appointment to meet the hedgehog via the home page.

  2. Hi there!

    I stumbled across your page in hopes of adopting an adult rescue hedgehog, and Katniss really caught my eyes!

    What is the process I should go to if I have the chance of adopting her?

    • Oops! Katniss went pretty quick and I need to take her down, but Solara and Darcy are both still available.

  3. I wanted to know if Kaylee Jewel is still available. I’m really interested in her and would very much like to adopt her.

    • I’m so sorry, Angel! Kaylee Jewel is no longer available, she has found her forever family. We still have Cheyenne and Panda, and stay tuned while we finish some updates to our site!

  4. I was wondering if you have any pictures of available rescue or retirees?

    • If we have any rescues or retirees available, we’ll post pics and info. If there isn’t anything posted, then happily, we don’t have any rescues that need homes!

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