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Playdate in the Yard

Today we set up a playpen with some hedgie toys in the front yard and let our hogs run wild!


In the end, the hedgies wanted to be closer to us than in the safe pen, and that’s when we got some awesome photos!

side by side

Our neighbor was changing his oil and have never seen hedgies in person so he came over and got to feel them for the first time.


This is my favorite picture of the day!

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Grandma Meets Katniss for the first time.

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Hedgehog Malcolm loves dad’s slippers

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Rolley Polley Malcolm

One of Malcolm’s comfort zones is fuzzy socks. We cut the toes out of them so he won’t get stuck. When he realizes we are filming him, he makes a break for it.

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Meet Katniss ‘Little Bug’


On March 24, we adopted the sweetes girl from Janda Exotics. It was obvioius within minutes that she was going to be an independant adventurous little one. She plays hard until she crashes. One second she’ll be running 100 mph and the next, she’s curled up in your hand fast asleep.

She has the most amazing temperment and loves to be with her people. We cant wait to see what little ones she’ll produce.

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Meet Hedgie Malcolm, a Real Stud!

bright       The first of our Pickley Pair joined our family March 15, 2013.  Malcolm Reynolds was a shy guy who’s previous owner no longer had the time to dedicate to his hedgie needs.  He has taken a while to get use to our loud family and still bristles easily but slowly we see his trust in us increasing.  Malcolm is one of the most beautiful hedgies we’ve ever seen. A real stud! His hedgie babies should be real prize winners.

malcolm in his maze bristley malcolm