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Deluxe Hedgie Cages now available with baby purchase!

cage frontalCage above

Please indicate you are ordering a cage MINIMUM of 7 days before you intend to pick it up to ensure all the pieces are ready.


1 Plastic Storage Tub, 36″ long by 18″ wide by 23″ deep

1 Matching lid, center cut out & replaced with wire mesh (promotes airflow + protects the cage from “visitors” like animals or children)

Giant Comfort Wheel

Jumbo Run-About Ball, Clear/No color (orange is featured in the photo)

Large Clear Water Bottle

Small Ceramic Food Dish

Medium Igloo House

BONUS- FireQuills Exclusive Snuggle Sack

BONUS- FireQuills Exclusive Hedgie Complete Diet (1 week supply)

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Ajax looses 95% Mobility

For all of you who have been praying for little Ajax, kick it into high gear! He is barely holding on and we need a miracle, A-S-A-PLEASE! Our hearts are overwhelmed with love for this rescue, and we just want his suffering to end, either through healing, or peace. He currently has >95% mobility loss, and will not eat or drink by himself.

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Happy Halloween from FireQuills!


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HHT Helena Wayne is the next mommy to be. She has gained 22 grams since Thursday! She is due Nov. 18th.


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Ajax is a dapper fellow in his mini top hat!


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Meet our herd!

Meet our herd! These are the ladies and gentleman of FireQuills exploring the front yard play pen.

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Four New Hedgehogs join our troup!

Today is a very exciting day! We will be bringing home FOUR new girls: Cajun (brown), Helena Wayne (dark grey), Pearl (albino), and Corpus Christi (black-eyed white). Don’t worry, pictures will be posted soon!